BABYGROUP® provides guidance and insight to parents of infants and young children in a friendly and comfortable, supportive group environment. Founded in 1996, in Santa Monica, California, by noted child development specialist Donna Holloran, BABYGROUP® offers a respectful approach to parenting that combines love and limits, thus inspiring parents to recognize and respond appropriately to their child’s developmental needs.

BABYGROUP® is a safe haven where parents and their infant or toddler
"Donna Holloran is a lifeline. Her advice is loving and simple and it works! As a mother of four boys, I would not be the parent I am without Donna and babygroup."
— Malka Chiate, BABYGROUP mom
can come for seventy-five minutes, once a week, and take a reassuring breath in knowing they are not alone in the trials, tribulations and triumphs of parenting. The challenges and joys each family face are discussed in a warm group setting facilitated
"Donna Holloran and babygroup have guided thousands of moms and dads through the first year of parenthood,
including me!"
— Cara Natterson, M.D., pediatrician and author of Your Baby: Head to Toe and Your Toddler:
Head to Toe
by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who offer practical and useful information to help parents manage the daily ups and downs of childrearing. Questions from group members are interspersed with a variety of age-appropriate topics to help parents better understand and appreciate their child’s development as well as their own process of the parenting journey. And, in the middle of this hubbub are the children --- who are practicing their tummy time, rolling, and crawling, pulling to stand, and exploring the developmentally appropriate play area with squeals of delight!

Although BABYGROUP® is known for providing first, second, third and fourth time parents with the structure and know-how of respectful parenting; it is also about developing strong friendships for parents and children, resulting in a true community of support that can last a lifetime. For more detailed information about what BABYGROUP® has to offer, go to babygroup info and click on the specific program that interests you.

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