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BABYGROUP® is the place where parents can bring their questions and challenges, as well as their joys. The leader will provide developmental information as well as practical tips for parents to try with their child. In addition, group members are encouraged to share their own experiences to offer additional support to one another. We find that each group reaches a balance between discussing child development information, getting their questions answered, and fostering the development of supportive friendships. We ask that parents please be respectful by listening to one another, as there is ALOT to be learned from other's experiences.

Q: Where is BABYGROUP® located?
A: BABYGROUP® takes place at First Presbyterian Church which is located at 1220 - Second Street between Wilshire and Arizona (one block east of Ocean Avenue and one block west of the Third Street Promenade).

Q: Do you have more than the one location?
A: Santa Monica is THE only location. There are no plans to open another location.

Q: Where can I find a schedule of your babygroups?
A: We are unable to post our babygroup schedule due to the complexity of scheduling.  Please understand that we are working to accommodate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd x parents, in addition to a variety of age groups up to age 2-1/2 years.

Q: When are your working parents groups?
A: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5 to 6:15p.


Q: What about Saturday groups?

A: We do not offer Saturday groups at this time.

Q: Who can attend?
A: The child and his/her parents OR dad with their child. We do prefer the same parent attend each week in order to help facilitate the relationships within the group...creating a feeling of safety between group members. However, we also want to provide flexibility for families who need it. Therefore, whenever the primary group member is unable to attend, we welcome the child's other parent.

Q: What is the cost of the group?
A: Please inquire about current fees via email to


Q: Who are the leaders and can I request a specific leader?
A: The BABYGROUP® leaders are all professionals and/or certified psychotherapists, child development specialists, and parent educators: Donna Holloran, MSW is the owner of BABYGROUP, INC., Allison LaTona, MFT, Shelley Reicher-Lawrence, CPE, CIMI, Molly Schaffer, LMFT, and Danielle Horwich, LCSW, M.A.Ed.

You can certainly request a specific leader but please know that leaders do not lead groups for every child-age range and each leader works specific days of the week. It's all based on leader availability and scheduling.

Q: When do your groups meet?
A: Monday thru Thursday.

Q: How many parents are in each group?
A: Typically, 10 to 14... but most likely 12 in a 1st time parent group and 14 in a 2nd/3rd time parent group.

Q: What times are the babygroups?
A: Times vary based on the day. Although your group will meet at the same time within a current session, it is quite possible your group will change times in a subsequent session. Group members are notified as soon as the schedule is confirmed.

Q: Do you offer "make-up" groups if I have to miss my weekly group?
A: Unfortunately, there are no "make-ups" as you will be placed in a group with the same parents/leader each week. And, each of our groups are private...just for those group members to attend with their baby. However, any reading material will be emailed to you, and you are always welcome to check in with the other group members to get updates from them.

Q: Do you have daddy groups?
A: When the schedule permits, we offer quarterly daddy groups on a Saturday for current BABYGROUP® families.

Q: Do you offer groups for parents of multiples (i.e., twins, triplets, etc.)?
A: Not at this time; however, we do try to place at least two sets of twins per group when possible. Feel free to ask if there will be other twin/triplet parents in your group.

Q: What is the child-age range of the groups?
A: A typical age range is 4 to 10 weeks in the 1st time parent groups and 12 to 20 weeks in the 2nd/3rd time parent groups.

Q: Do you offer groups for 2nd/3rd/4th time parents?
A: Yes, but these groups are for parent and the youngest child only (older siblings do not attend). And, first priority does go to parents who "graduate" from a parent-toddler babygroup with an older sibling. However, we often have space available after the first 12 week session for parents who have not yet participated in BABYGROUP®.

Q: Does it help to use referrals from parents who have attended BABYGROUP® in the past?
A: Although it is helpful for us to see who has referred you, the first time parent group is put together by date of "babygroup sign-up form."

Q: When can I expect to hear back from you after completing the "babygroup sign-up form"?

Please do not be discouraged if you do not hear back from us right away...scheduling is much more complicated than we can explain, BUT the system is very organized and fair!  As soon as the schedule is set for NEW groups, you will be notified via email.  And, if/when there are openings in an ongoing, appropriate child-age babygroup for your child, we will refer back to our waiting list.

Q: Can I observe a group prior to starting my own babygroup?
A: Although we appreciate that you might feel curious and want to make sure you will be making a good investment, and good use of your time, each group is private and discussions in each group are confidential. Although each babygroup leader brings her own style to the group, and the topics we present are the same, the questions the group members bring in will vary a bit. There are many sensitive topics and feelings shared as well. Most importantly, this is a very stimulating time for the babies & toddlers. We want to keep the environment safe for them as well.  We hope you understand. And, we do believe you will appreciate our policy once you are a part of babygroup.

We hope you have found this information helpful. And, hopefully, we will meet soon...just remember...we will contact you once we have scheduled a group and/or have an opening for your child's age.

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